Tracking solutions from £5.99 a month

All the features you need at a value for money price

Technical support and backup when you need it

21 years of trading experience

Track and locate your vehicles at all times

Developed to be easy to install, use and operate

Many companies have paid a lot of money for Tracking in the past without getting good value. They have paid for very sophisticated software and have used less than 60% of the features. If you're one of those companies, chances are, you are now in the market for a different kind of tracking partner - Sprint Telematics.

We provide a good software platform, rich in the features you need, but not so super rich that it breaks the budget. We are a company that offers reliability supported by a software package that does everything you will ever require from as as little as £5.99 a month.

And with more than 21 years of trading history you can be sure that we will be here should you need us with first rate technical support and advice at all times.

At Sprint we give you "Budget Vehicle Tracking" - all the features you need at an affordable price. So if you are one of the thousands of companies out there who just want something that will do the job well without costing the earth - call us

Track any vehicle easily with our state of the art single user system

What people say

  • Leading traffic management company Amberon specialises in temporary traffic lights but in order to improve the efficiency of the business, Sprint Telematics provided a solution which would monitor their drivers...
  • For a Wolverhampton haulage firm with over 250 jobs per week across the UK, it is vital that vehicles are dispatched to the right place at the right time.  Coupled with rising fuel costs and labour, McGarries...
  • A leading independent lift contractor has seen a reduction in fuel costs, improved efficiency and an increase in customer satisfaction having installed Sprint Telematics tracking systems in their fleet of...
  • The UK’s leading clothes collection charity, Clothes Aid, is on to a roaring success in its fight against vehicle theft, a crime that costs Clothes Aid and businesses alike greatly. Vehicle theft and the...

Business Fleet Tracking

Sprint Telematics is a provider of solutions for GPS fleet vehicle tracking and telemetry systems for business users. We offer solutions in GPS technology to enable you to track and locate your vehicles at all times.

Our systems will provide historic activity reports on your fleet whether they are vans, HGV's or company cars. Our solutions empower you to monitor your work force and improve fuel efficiency whilst increasing safety for your drivers and other road users.

It is widely known that driver behaviour can change drastically when vehicles are adequately monitored. Our "Fleet Pro" platform delivers a solution to you in an easy to use web log on which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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Lone Worker Tracking Solutions

Sprint also provides solutions for tracking in lone worker environments. In circumstances where safety is paramount and a duty of care must be provided to employees, our lone worker solutions allow a greater communication between the control centre and the users on the ground. This feature is available using our "Venture" hand held tracking device which can be programmed to automatically trigger alarms including periods of inactivity.

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Choose the System that's right for your business

Sprint deliver two main systems. The "Lite" version provides a scaled down version designed for customers with basic tracking requirements. This solution provides users with the ability to locate a vehicle with pin-point accuracy using the global positioning system (GPS) in addition to providing a snail-trail of recent movements. This information is transmitted to our on line web portal using the mobile data network via a sim card which is included in your monthly subscription.

Our "Fleet Pro" solution provides additional sophisticated features including historic reporting and the ability to provide email alerts should a vehicle enter or leave a designated area. A list of system features are available in our system brochure which is available by clicking here. You can also view a short video file containing all our system features here. Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet of a thousand or more, Sprint Telematics have a business solution for you.

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Control for Administrators

Our systems are designed to grow with you and your Company. Our fleet tracking systems are built on fully scalable platforms to meet all your future business needs. Sprint can also offer bespoke solutions to suit your individual company requirements - please talk to us about this service.

Our platform will also provide multiple levels of users with restricted access to certain features whilst allowing full access to all GPS tracking features from a dedicated administrator log on.

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